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I started drawing this a week or so back after first hearing the Country Tropics LP by Old Saw. I've had this four-track musical wonder on all week and—whenever I had an hour or so spare (not often, as it's been a bumper-sized, busy week)—I worked on this drawing while the music played. In no way does the drawing do justice to the simply AMAZING LP, nor, I think, does it really reflect the music. In retrospect, I think this drawing is just something I did while listening to the LP. Country Tropics is ambient, analogue, avant-garde, Americana, spattered with pedal steel, bells, banjo, fiddle drones, burring nylon, and pipe organ, and it is incredibly soothing. I like this description of the band by worriedsongs, A network of New England string pluckers, organ drivers and bell ringers crafting a rusted and granular shadow world where the dive bar meets the divine. Search out Old Saw on Bandcamp - you won't be disappointed (unless that is, the vinyl is sold-out). And, here is an interview with Henry Birdsey, one of the brains behind Old Saw. His take on how and why he makes music is enlightening and spot on, Sound is innately terrifying and haunting. And