This project makes more sense the more it goes on. A few months ago, I realised that I was basing each drawing on some phrase or word relating to COVID-19 that I either heard on the radio or read on a news site. I’ve now done over 70 covidcards, and I’m starting to think of ways I can use them to somehow tell a cohesive story once the pandemic is

vive nowhere

The support bubbles project keeps on coming. It’s not something I planned or thought out in any way, but it seems to make sense to continue. The lexicon—that now accompanies our new ways of living—intrigues me and, the dots keep insisting they help me narrate some sort of a sense out of both the lexicon and the times. I’ve no idea where all this is going, but I’ll stick with

support bubbles

This project grew over these strange last four months, and it just kept on growing, until it made some kind of sense to put it together in one place. We’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary of late and one phrase, support bubbles, seemed to summarize this series very well. Here is a sixteen page pdf of the project.


The final issue of my quarantine pamphlet, Ngorbroadcast Issue 3, is ready. Feel free to download it and share. This is an almost entirely black and white issue, and it follows the final adventures of my NGO Worker, Brian, as he tries to find some sort of meaning in his work and to find out what happened to his long, lost mentor, Harry. Thanks to everyone who has read the

NGORbroadcast 2: Idiot Heals Africa

Can Brian save the NGO? Who is iDiOt? And can he heal Africa? Where’s Harry? Answers to all of some of these questions, and more, in Issue2 of NGORbroadcast. Thanks to everyone who signed up for Issue1 and thanks in particular to everyone who sent me their feedback. It’s very much appreciated – cheers. Feel free to share, feedback in the comments, or drop me a line on the contact page.

talk design talk

I’m not sure what I want to call this yet, or what it will end up being, but I’m liking what I’m seeing. If there is one positive to come out of this plague (on a purely, personal, selfish level) it is that I am really enjoying doing things with what I have at hand, and not hoping to do things with things I wish I had. I’m also happy

NGORbroadcast 1: Almost Perfect

NGORbroadcast 1: Almost Perfect is the first in a series of pamphlets I am making while in quarantine in Ngor, Dakar. Each issue contains two chapters from an unpublished, untitled novella about a fictional aid worker called Brian. The other pages are filled with new ideas, old memories, sketches, ephemera and whatever is to hand. Here’s page one of the novella. Download NGORbroadcast 1: Almost Perfect and feel free to