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Graham Holliday, editor, writer and media trainer, in Seoul, South Korea.

“My admiration for your work and for your passion for Việt Nam and Vietnamese street food is boundless,”

Anthony Bourdain, writer, TV host, cook and publisher of my books

I like working with words. It’s a confession of sorts, but also the acceptance of what has become clear over the last twenty years: words are my passion and my work. I like editing the words of others, I like using them to tell stories and I like educating others in how best to use them.

It is a passion that has led me on an interesting journey. In Việt Nam, I wrote and published the world’s first ever street food blog. In Rwanda, I built the country’s first digital newswire and worked as a foreign correspondent for Reuters. In Europe, I worked as a digital editor, edited best-selling authors and freelanced as a copywriter for large corporations. I have trained thousands of journalists and media professionals at the BBC, Al Jazeera, United Nations, MSF and many other organisations. Along the way, I have also written three books. Twenty years later, my passion and interests remain the same. Today, I divide my time between editing, corporate writing and training media professionals all over the world.

Editing: I am comfortable working on book-length projects using shared document tools such as Dropbox Paper or Google Docs and collaborating with teams in different locations. I am equally happy working with individual authors via ‘track changes’ in MSWord. Learn more about the editing work I do and the clients I work with.

Writing: The corporate writing work I do takes on many forms. I have written book-length reports about the use of artificial intelligence in the EU and business brochures and I have condensed weighty studies into easily consumed and shared blog posts or PDF one pagers.

Media Training: Having trained as a teacher in the mid-1990s, and then started working as a journalist just before the millennium, in 2004 I decided to marry these skills. I designed and delivered the UK’s first social media training workshops designed specifically for journalists. Since then, I have trained thousands of media professionals on hundreds of training courses throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa and I have designed, built and managed digital news wires in the UK and Rwanda. Today, I offer a range of media training courses which I am constantly updating and expanding.

The variety in my work and the flexibility I need to do it, combined with my experience and passion, enables me to bring a unique perspective and an enthusiastic eye to every project I undertake. Whether it be editing or writing or media training, if you think we should work together drop me an email .

The image of me in Seoul was taken by the brilliant photographer Josh White.