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Graham Holliday

a manageable health issue – covidcard no. 102

Another rather rapid covidcard sketch. I made this as I read a column by Prof Devi Sridhar in The Guardian which seemed to sum up the horrific divide between the vaccinated rich and the unvaccinated poor of this planet.

“So when will the pandemic be over? Covid-19 won’t end with a bang or a parade. Throughout history, pandemics have ended when the disease ceases to dominate daily life and retreats into the background like other health challenges. Barring a horrific new variant, rich countries such as Britain and the US may be within months, if not weeks, of what their citizens will see as the end of the pandemic. This isn’t the case in poorer countries in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia. For countries that can’t afford vaccines, technology or treatments for Covid-19, populations will remain trapped by outbreaks that cause chaos in hospitals and kill health workers and vulnerable and elderly people.”

I made covidcard no. 102 using a 10cm X 10cm piece of 250g acid-free clarirefontaine paper, Steadler Pigment Liner pens, HB pencil and shavings, broken leads, Maped ice 80% Recycled Black Ballpoint Pen, and Rotring refills. There are more covidcards on my Instagram.

Graham Holliday is an editor, writer and media trainer with twenty years experience working on editorial, educational and digital projects for the BBC and others.