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Graham Holliday

garlic-breath distancing – covidcard no. 100

‘Garlic-breath distancing’ is no. 100 in the covidcard series of drawings. I noticed the headline in The Guardian on 15 April 2021.

“People should use the “garlic-breath distance” to decipher whether they are close enough to another person for coronavirus transmission to occur, an expert has said… When you’re talking to a friend or sharing the same air as you’re listening to your friend talking, we call it the garlic-breath distance. So if you can smell your friend’s lunch you’re inhaling some of that air as well as any virus that’s inhaled with it.”

I used a combination of HB pencil, pencil sharpener and shavings, and a scratchy thing, on 10cm X 10cm on 250g acid-free Clarirefontaine paper.

There are more covidcards and drawn to… music drawings on my Instagram.

Graham Holliday is an editor, writer and media trainer with twenty years experience working on editorial, educational and digital projects for the BBC and others.