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Graham Holliday

garlic-breath distancing – covidcard no. 100

‘Garlic-breath distancing’ is no. 100 in the covidcard series of drawings. I noticed the headline in The Guardian on 15 April 2021.

“People should use the “garlic-breath distance” to decipher whether they are close enough to another person for coronavirus transmission to occur, an expert has said… When you’re talking to a friend or sharing the same air as you’re listening to your friend talking, we call it the garlic-breath distance. So if you can smell your friend’s lunch you’re inhaling some of that air as well as any virus that’s inhaled with it.”

I used a combination of HB pencil, pencil sharpener and shavings, and a scratchy thing, on 10cm X 10cm on 250g acid-free Clarirefontaine paper.

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