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about me

I’m an editor, writer, journalism trainer, and creative.

I write and edit reports and corporate content, help authors better tell their stories, train journalists, and make drawings inspired by words.

Twenty years ago, I wrote the world’s first-ever street food blog in Việt Nam. Later, I built Rwanda’s first digital newswire and worked there as a foreign correspondent for Reuters. I have written several books, worked as a digital editor, edited best-selling authors, freelanced as a copywriter for large corporations, and trained thousands of journalists and media professionals at the BBC, Al Jazeera, United Nations, MSF, and many other places.

Today, I divide my time between editing, corporate writing, training journalists, and drawing.

reviews & testimonials

“ Writing in an inviting style with ample humor, and using his intricate knowledge of street food and life in Vietnam, Holliday keeps the pages turning. ”

- Publisher's Weekly, (starred review)

“ Holliday has a flair for bringing unique locations and provisions to life, taking readers with him into crowded restaurants and markets. ”

- Library Journal, (starred review)

“ Bloody fantastic course – my brain was hurting at the end! ”

- Jem Thomas, Defence Media Operations Centre, Media Training School

“ I’m really impressed by this; a top, top job. Beautifully written, clear, very useful and full of context. ”

- Simon Cliffe, director at Branch Road

“ It’s very well-written. It’s even exciting. It’s very seldom (in the EU) that you can get exciting reports. ”

- Liisa Jaakonsaari, MEP from Finland

“ Just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the course and how brilliantly you managed to convey such a ton of information. ”

- Dominique Jackson, freelance writer

“ I often come on journalism courses and never know quite what to expect, but that was brilliant. ”

- Rob Lang, Reuters

“ Holliday writes with exhilaration…. [His] loving, laddish descriptions will make gonzo gourmands salivate. ”

- New York Times Book Review

“ My admiration for your work and for your passion for Việt Nam and Vietnamese street food is boundless. ”

- Anthony Bourdain, enthusiast