back to blog, back to normality


So, there, I did it (almost). I completed the back to blog challenge – 10 posts in ten days. I was late on one day, I was travelling from central Africa to London, but apart from that I managed to post something to this blog every day for ten days.

What did I learn?

Well, nothing. I had already gotten back into blogging as I’m blogging the background to writing my book on Vietnamese street food. And, as I’ve long contended, you cannot commission/prescribe bloggers to write something every day/hour/month. In fact, to get the best out of a blog, you should not have any timetable/deadline at all.

Blogs only thrive, and you as a blogger only enjoy blogging, if you blog when the moment takes you, not when a deadline dictates. Passion still drives this particular web-engine.

Would I take part in another ‘back to blog’ exercise? No, I wouldn’t. I don’t feel the need. However, when I feel the need to blog, I will. But, pretty much only on the book. At least for the coming months.

Photo from Flickr.