Pho 24 Hanoi review

This is the first review that’s come my way from Pho 24 in Hanoi. It’s brief and unimpressed.

"Well…. it tastes like pho! Okay, the surroundings are quite smart – it’s probably not really fair
to call it McPho as the restaurant is actually quite snazzy. Very
designer-minimalist looking. Other than that, the pho is just okay – not awful and not fantastic. So I guess if you want to pay 2-3 times the going rate for your pho,
what you get for that is a clean, modern restaurant. Fair enough,

Have you tried it in the capital? Let us know what you think. Is it popular? How does it compare to your fave scuzz shack?


  1. Matt says

    I’m going next week with some scuzzshack-phobes so will report my opinions. Can’t say I’m holding out much hope to be honest. Don’t really see the point…

  2. Russell&Em says


    Re Pho 24 Hanoi:

    Yes, there were herbs and wotnot – pretty plain. Lemon, bean sprouts, chilli, onions.

    There were quite a few “trendy” Hanoians visiting – the new thing in town, I guess. Also a few expats. I definitely can see Pho 24 appealing to tourists – although it’s not in the Old Quarter/touristy part of town, which is odd.

    I remember my first forays into pho – the environment was quite intimidating to the uninitiated. Pho 24 makes it so approachable, and for this reason I can see Pho 24 being appealing to newbies.

    You say that it is double the local price in Saigon. Our local pho place is 6000d – so 24,000d is actually SIX times the price! I love adding exclamation points when we are talking about a total of $2…

    Anyway, it was boring, boring, boring. If I was passing by, I might go there again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way. Now, the my van than in Dinh Liet… Hmmmm….. why is there not more of this?

  3. says

    Matt – I look forward to eharing about it. Russel&Em, the herb thing is the southern way. It’s a great touch. How’s the beef? Does it tatse better than the average in Hanoi, which let’s face it can be pretty ropey at times.

    In Saigon Pho is generally in the 10,000VD range, so Pho 24 is double(ish) the price. Although it can be found on the street for 5,000VD. I remember being quite surprised at the price differenc when I arrived her. Not sure about your maths… 24,000VD is not 6 X 6,000VD… and 24,000VD is not $2… not quite;)

    I’m surprised you say it was boring. Just going on the taste of it down here, it’s really rather good. Maybe they’ve changed it a bit up north. I muct try it for myself. Cheers.

  4. Not Available says

    The southern way of adding herbs, especially putting beansprout into Pho is generally detested in the north, I think.
    Plus the price of 24,000 for one Pho is just TOO high for Hanoi local price.

  5. says

    I’m not sure NotAvailable. In my experience, Hanoians are very quick to voice their opinion about how their pho, and only their pho, is “The Best”. However, every time I dug just a wee bit deeper I found that very few had actually tried the southern take.

    I guess most of these opinions stem from chiildhood. I’m not Vietnamese and I love both takes. However, I don’t think anyone who has tasted really good southern pho and its equal in the north can deny there’s a bit more thought and style in the southern version. Even a northerner couldn’t deny that… maybe :)

    I enjoyed northern pho for four years before I tried a good one in Saigon. It was like having used Chinese toilet paper for 4 years and suddenly discovering Andrex double quilted. A whole new world.

    Having said that, I do think pho is ‘sexed up’ beyond belief. It’s not THAT good. There are way, way better noodle soups to shout about in Vietnam. Bun mam, bun rieu, bun ca, banh canh, canh chua ca… that’s just the tip of ‘da’berg.

    And about the price… Again, I’m not sure. For your workers – yeah, it’s way too pricey, agreed. But for other folk… You see ALOT more swanky motorbikes in Hanoi that you do in Saigon. There’s plenty dough shoved under many a mattress up there believe me.

  6. NotAvailable says

    Hi pieman, i know the all the divided comments about northen and southern Pho but some are a bit sensitive about that so … better keep it just “opinion” :D.
    Personally i like Pho with herb ‘coz i like everything to have some vegies and spices. I also like the southern (and central) way of making all the noodle from all sorts of unthinkable ingre. Creative and tasty!
    And yes , i do think Vietnam has a lot other noodle soups that worth mentioning, some i even love more than Pho (e.g:bun bo Hue, bun mam, hehe), but my thought is that Pho is more accessible for it’s not as strong as other, especially if you think about the ones with all that crab paste and shrimp paste.
    Thinking more of this, strangely the best Pho i had was one back in Sydney, can only guessed the “homesick” things had made up much of the enjoyment.
    Pho 24 is fine, the broth i think is much better compared to the average pho, no seasoning powder, the aroma is somewhat too…clean though, i will come back sometimes in Nguyen Thiep for the noodle and the ambience:), luckily i have no problem with price. The one in Hanoi, well,i’m visiting Hanoi in 10 days time, will pass by and let you know then.

  7. says

    NotAvailable – this is a blog, opinions come with the territory – don’t fear. Am keen to hear your thoughts on Pho 24 Hanoi style. Enjoy your travels.

  8. says

    To me the best Pho is in Sydney too. Pho An in Bankstown. Not sure if that’s the one NotAvailable mentioned. My Saigonese friends loved it, my non-Vietnamese friends loved it (even more!) but my Hanoian (and Northern) friends hated it.

    Some one told me Pho 24 resembles Pho An. I’ll have to try it myself. Hopefully it’ll make me miss Pho An less.

    And yes, Pho An was a bit more pricey than the average pho in Sydney as well. But we don’t pay for nothing do we?

    Pieman, if you are in Sydney, try Pho An and compare it. I dunno, the taste is quite different from most of the Pho we have in Vietnam, yet it’s Pho with the best of it.

  9. says

    To me, Pho Hoa is better. The quality of beef used in Pho Hoa is better than Pho 24, which I visited in Hanoi, Vietnam